The Farmers


Alex Restaino – Amalfi Gardens LLC

We specialize in growing Italian heirloom varieties of veggies. We grow 7 varieties of garlic and many varieties of carrots, beets, tomatoes, peppers, kale, onions, lettuce, potatoes, and many others. We sell at the wonderful Lakewood Farmers Market on Saturday mornings throughout the summer. Our produce is distributed locally in the Kinsman neighborhood and a few area eateries. Our ultimate goal with the farm is to help spread awareness of organic agriculture and provide our community, family, and friends with the best tasting responsibly grown veggies around. Contact Alex at:  or at

Cleveland Crops

Cleveland Crops trains and employs individuals with disabilities as farm workers on their growing number of urban farm sites in Cuyahoga County.  They produce fruits, vegetables, and herbs for sale to local restaurants and through farm stands at each of their locations.  For more information, visit Cleveland Crops on the web:



Elena DuPont – FUN E FARM

Elena completed the Market Gardener training program and started her farm operation at Kinsman in the spring of 2012.  Muddy and Slushy (pet rabbits from the APL) were enlisted that winter to improve the soil for the 2013 season and beyond.  The farm welcomes occasional volunteers and enjoys the camaraderie of fellow farmers and community partners.  Production has been focused on space-consuming, late-season crops (cucumbers, melons, and squash) while experimenting with direct-seeding many other vegetables and some herbs.  At harvest time, she may be found at Gateway 105 Farmers Market (North of the VA hospital at E. 105 and Ashbury in Cleveland) on Fridays, or at Coit Rd. Farmers market in East Cleveland on Saturdays. Contact Elena at:

Lynn Rodemann – Cleveland Urban Egg

Cleveland Urban Egg specializes in pasture raised chickens. Some of these urban chickens are raised for meat, others for eggs. Lynn Rodemann originally raised these chickens at her home before moving them to Kinsman Farms in November 2013. If you are interested in her operations or purchasing any of her produce, please visit her website at, find her Cleveland Urban Egg page on Facebook or email her at


image05Mike Walton – Walton Family Farm

Their mission is to provide high quality, fresh local food to residents and businesses in the Greater Cleveland area and the NEO region while training and demonstrating various urban agriculture techniques. The Walton Family farm is actually a continuation of a family heritage established back in the 70’s when Norman Walton, grandfather of the descendants of the current farm, started to farm the land across from his home on East 82nd St. Today, Walton Family Farm is continuing their legacy by farming in the same space their family did decades ago by growing squash, peppers, beans, potatoes, cucumbers, leeks, onions, tomatoes, and much more! Contact at:


image07Linda & Sam Mitcham – Mo Bite Products

President Linda Ella Mitcham, born and raised in the Kinsman Farms area, wants her farm to focus on producing quality ingredients for the local community. Her and her husband Sam focus on growing organic or naturally grown healthy foods, without using any pesticides. They have a variety of produce including corn, micro greens, zucchini, squash, onions, tomatoes, peppers, kale, etc. Their primary focus is on locally grown fruits and vegetables that will be fresher and more nutritious for their customers than shipped food. If you are interested in learning more about Mo Bite Products, please visit their website at: or find them on Facebook!


image09image08Joe Zastawny – Harvest In Christ

Harvest In Christ’s mission is to engage in for profit production of produce grown according to organic/sustainable methods in order to increase the accessibility of affordable, local, and healthful food. The main drive of Harvest In Christ is the fact that by working in harmony with nature, which includes sustainability and holistic health, we have success in prevention and reversal of afflictions that conventional medicine has not solved. The produce available includes a wide variety of vegetables including salad greens, carrots, summer squash, potatoes, onions, green beans, broccoli, husk cherries, and heirloom tomatoes. For more information, please visit or email Joe at:



image02image10Chris Adams – Adams Apiary and Gardens

Adams Apiary and Gardens was established for and works daily to provide consumers the goodness of mother nature in producing fresh fruit, vegetables and honey from the tended fields of Cuyahoga County to your table with the care and quality that you and your family desire. We are committed to promoting the hyper-local food market and contributing to it with our passion and products. Contact at:



Susanna Dzejachok – Redozo Biodiversity Center

Our heritage of genetic diversity must be preserved in order to best secure the future of our food. We have over a 100 varieties of potatoes, many of them heirloom, plus other plants. Currently we are participating in an on-farm trial of organically produced potato varieties for the University of Wisconsin Department of Pathology.  Plants are monitored throughout the year for canopy cover, vigor, pests and diseases with yield, saleability and taste rated at the end of the season.  Enjoy these delicious, healthy vegetables to help maintain all the varieties which need to be grown out each year. Seed available in season.

216 926-3261


Current Farm Operations on the Site

There are currently twelve farm operations with licenses on Kinsman Farm, including not-for-profit farms, partnerships, and sole proprietors. Each plot is ¼ acre, though each farmer has a responsibility to assist with overall maintenance/operations. Several of the current farmers have operations elsewhere. Most of the farms grow mixed vegetables and herbs, though one is a small-scale egg production. the first of its kind in the City of Cleveland – a real mini-mall of Cleveland Farmers!


Future Needs of the Site

While the long-term goal of the Kinsman Farm is to be cooperatively managed by the farmers, there continues to be a need for administrative, financial and managerial support to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Farm. To learn how to help, email or call 216-749-3720, ext 12.