What is Kinsman Farm?

Kinsman Farm is a six-acre “incubator” farm located in the Kinsman neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. The City of Cleveland has identified urban agriculture development as a strategic component of its vision of the future. In order to develop infrastructure to encourage and support urban agriculture production within Cleveland, the Kinsman Farm was developed through a United States Department of Agriculture Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program grant along with additional funding from the City of Cleveland and the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

The Kinsman Farm was developed for small, urban farmers to overcome the barrier of land tenure by providing a safety net for persons who have not yet farmed  on a commercial scale to learn and grow their operations before attempting a larger tract of land.


About The Farm

The six-acre Kinsman Farm is one of the largest urban farms in United States. The land was once knows as the “forgotten triangle”, a neighborhood which encountered severe disinvestment over the past four decades. There were, and continue to be, many challenges with the development of the site, particularly with soil quality as the site was not used for farming for many decades. The site was cleared of debris, new soil and amendments were tilled into the soil, and the area was fenced. The farm partners continue to work diligently to improve the soil and the appearance of the site.


Urban Agriculture Innovations Zone

A large area of vacant land in the Kinsman neighborhood has been repurposed by the City of Cleveland as its Urban Agriculture Innovation Zone (UAIZ). This innovation zone is 26.5 acres of city-held land which is currently being developed for agricultural enterprises. It is hoped that the farmers on the Kinsman Farm will be able to expand their farm operations to larger parcels outside of the Kinsman Farm. The entrance to the urban agriculture innovation zone is on the Kinsman Road ane E. 82nd. Nearby is the Rid-All Green Partnership, an aquaponics training center, and the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District green infrastructure improvement effort which improve storm water drainage and develop green space in the neighborhood


Kinsman Farms Map